The Clothesline Coin Laundromat is a family owned and operated Laundromat serving the needs of the Boyertown, Bechtelsville, and Gilbertsville area.

Do Laundry With Credit Cards or Quarters!

Quarters for Laundry

 Tired of all Those Quarters?

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Laundry Facilities Include

Laundry Washing Machines

  • 32 front loading Maytag washers
  • 6 Double load washers
  • 4 triple load front loading Maytag washers
  • 1 Giant 4 Load washer

Laundry Dryers

    • 28 front loading Maytag dryers
    • 4 bulk load dryers


Other ClothesLine Laundromat Features


    • All Machines have a credit card payment box
    • 2 change machines
    • 8 folding tables
    • Soap and laundry supply center
    • Hanger dispenser, laundry bags
    • Community bulletin board
    • 24 hr security cameras
    • 4 flat screen tvs
    • 1 unisex bathroom
    • Plenty of seating
    • Free wifi
    • Open 6am-11pm 7 days a week



ClothesLine Laundromat

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